Distribution Channels

We strongly believe that our customers are best served by their own banks, retailers, utility and telco companies: our partners. They have already built a unique connection with their customers and therefore we do not want to interfere with this special relationship. We listen to the feedback of the customers and incorporate their comments into our product development strategy. We educate and regularly train the sales force of our partner companies and provide them with the necessary tools to make them capable of recommending the best insurance solution for their customers.

We are the pioneers of telemarketing insurance sales in Hungary. Our colleagues approach customers with simple and understandable products and they are prepared to answer any questions. As an insurer we know, that security is first. Therefore the customer is entitled to cancel its purchased policy without any payment, once the terms and conditions were received and read. As part of the sales process we do not only sell, but also listen. The comments and the remarks of our customers and the sales staff are continuously incorporated into our product development strategy.

We consider making long-lasting partnerships through brokers as extending our partnership culture. The brokers do not only advise our partners and help us set up mutually beneficial cooperations, but also become partners and stay on for the rest of the life span of the business.